Monday, November 19, 2012

1. Identify the problem
I don't know what I'm writing about , but I'm thinking a topic about something to do with school
     1b. Is this a problem where you think you would prioritize the problem or the solution?
2. The negative consequences of that problem
maybe how technology affects students learning 
3. Identify measures currently in place regarding the problem, if these exist. What’s already being done?
a no cell phone polices in certain schools
     3b. Why are these measures insufficient (if they are)?
4. State your proposed solution
To make a period of the day where students can relax and use there cellphones
5. Show the positive consequences of that solution
better grades, more focused students, less behavioral problems
6. Show the feasibility of the solution (deal with counter-arguments, show why this is the best idea)

1 comment:

  1. Do you mean just students in high schools, or across the board? Obviously, in college, you can't set aside time for students to use their phones because they set their own schedules. As an instructor in a computer classroom, I know that if I tried to stop anyone from ever texting or checking Twitter, I would never have time to do much else. But I have heard of instructors who ask students to put all their possessions -backpacks, purses, etc- against the wall when they come in. I don't know how effective that is for them.
    What might you say to people who argued that students are capable of multi-tasking? Or to students themselves, who presumably don't want to leave their phones or laptops behind?