Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blame Game

On a bathroom wall I wrote
"I'd rather argue with you than to be with someone else" 
I took a piss and dismiss it like fuck it and I went and found somebody else.
Fuck arguing or harvesting the feelings, I'd rather be by my fucking self
Till about 2am and I call back and I hang up and start to blame myself
Somebody help.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Final Post (Project 5)

Learning objective: Research 
During project's three and four my researching skills diffidently have gotten stronger. In Project three I wrote a rhetorical analysis  on famous rapper Big Sean and his mix-tape Detroit. I certainly thought I knew a lot about him, so I didn't feel the need to really go and listen to each song on the mix-tape. I've listened to the mix-tape a million times, so I thought my paper was full on efficient evidence that explained why the mix-tape represented Detroit well. I was wrong. My paper received a solid C. My teacher kept asking me why didn't I go deeper into the details of what a certain lyrics meant, or what I meant by a certain lyric. I quickly realized that my researching skills should be stronger to ensure I know exactly what something means or to get more detail in my papers. However, in Project four I think I did an excellent job with gathering research for my project four. I used tons a resources from doctors to writers supporting my details on obesity.

To be continued......

Monday, November 26, 2012

Blog Post #6 (Three Genere Examples)

Example 1
Restaurant Review

  • Picture of the restaurant
  • customer comments
  • location
  • food reviews
  • short preview of what to expect
  • rating the restaurant using stars/numbers

Example 2
Music Review

  • Written in different styles such as newspaper format, magazine format
  • Can very from a music video review, album review or an artists
  • Kind of lengthy 
  • Rating of music 

Example 3
Movie Review

  • List actors
  • making a movie
  • plot
  • when it comes out
  • what to expect 
  • rating